This is an APE-project!
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This project was also part of my Braenworks graduation. All students created a small (1 minutes) elevator pitch that told the audience about their business/product/service.

This was mine:

So what does that tell us?


In most communities we only celebrate the effortless achievements like birthday end retirements.

If your group is lucky, you can celebrate successful finishing an internship or when a student passes their exam.

But why don't we celebrate the everyday events? Or even deals made abroad in real time!

Why don't we celebrate with Brian from accounting who had an extraordinary sandwich this morning. And what about Rosa's daughter who graduated high school. Or that sales guy that is always on the road to sell the product and just now made a 3 year deal with a client?


The usual digital communication technology are fine for exchanging information.

But exchanging information is not the same as sharing information.

But why would you share something personal and why would you share something of everyday life?

We have create a "plug-in" on a digital channel in which you will share anything. This will trigger the AirDancer.

It will blow up and dance for certain time. In combination with colors we can show what sort of celebration it is.

Every time you share something (big or small, from the office or from outside) you will trigger the AirDancer and everybody in the company will know that someone has something the share!


Only when we play we enjoy


You only learn by repeating it over and over.


More you know, the more you can ask!


Share from everywhere.


Plug in in you normal digital channels.


Possible to analyze the tone of voice via IBM Watson.

Did you know?

Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20 percent.


We all know that people who are happy in there working environment, are more productive and are more healthy.

This is complicated to just create or fix. But the experts all agree on the following:

  • Spread happiness
  • Celebrate
  • Encourage fun
  • A positive work environment

If you actively work on these elements, you will create a positive working environment. AirDancer works on all these elements. Your companies employers will talk about this project outside work!

Did you know?

The reported costs in the case studies varied from 6% to 213%, depending on the job and the required knowledge and skills. But the average is therefore 21%.