Paper Joints

Paper Joints

Paper is not really strong (even when you use 200 grams paper) and bending it wil make it even weaker.

So joints are the way to make possible paper.

Very happy with the result! And an added bonus: my hands look like 'strandbeesten'

This started out as a project to make possible hands and you can see that it succeeded.

This year I am invited to join the fine people of the "KunstSommer in Arnsberg.

And this year the theme is: "Spontanvegetation" which translates to "Weeds". Not that easy to build upon so I translated it to something that you don't want: aka "BUGS".

My paper hands could:

  • squash the bug
  • squeeze the bug
  • stomp the bug

Eventually I lost interest for creating hands (thumb is difficult), but the joint are very useful to create robots as well.

So the series continued with:


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